Welcome to my little digital home. Pull up a chair, make yourself at home. That is unless you are a nudist, in which case please act as though you are in a courtroom full of people who have little interest in seeing your birthday suit. Pants are not optional on this particular blog.

Don’t mind the decor, I’m sure I’m going to change it half a dozen times before I’m happy with it, and then tweak it a few more dozen times before I settle on something and leave it that way for any amount of significant time.

I’ve been sitting on this domain for an exceptionally long time, never really sure what I wanted to do with it other than have an email that ended in something unique.

(Fun fact, when giving your email to businesses for their email club or rewards club, they tend to be shocked by the idea that an email can end in anything other than “gmail” or “yahoo” or “hotmail”. I have several stories like this, none which funny enough to share.)

But due to recent life events, I have decided I needed a project. I’m not qualified to cure cancer, I lack the resources to solve world hunger, and I’m just too lazy for world domination. So starting a personal website it is!

At this moment, I can’t state with any kind of certainty what type of content will being going up. I also can’t even say when content will be going up. Then only thing I can say is that at some point you will be offended.

I have a dark and snarky sense of humor. I have no problems admitting that my spirit animal is probably Joss Whedon. I see all people as equal targets for poking fun, so I warn you now. Odds are rather high there will come a time when you will decide that I crossed a line. When that something I said was without a doubt in your mind, not even slightly funny. I can only hope you stick around to see the time come where I proceed to cross that line with a different group of people, where perhaps you will find it funnier, because I can almost guarantee it will happen. I like to think of myself as an “Equal Opportunity Offender”.

This is normally the point where I would tell you to have a look around, but I’ll admit there’s not much to look at right now. Don’t think of it as bad thing, think of it as an opportunity. You are a member of an exclusive club. You saw this place where there was almost nothing to look at. But you only get to be a member if you come back.
I promise to try to have something fun to look at by the time you do.