Project Alexandria
One Geek's attempt to inventory and document his media collection

The project started as a Google Sheet, because at the my SO was doing this cool thing that happens when you own too many pieces of media, that you can’t realistically keep track of want you do or do not own, and when shopping at used book sales you can’t really go home and check real quick she was buying duplicates. Lots of duplicates. And while there are many a site that let you keep track of your own collection, I wanted something that she could cache, on a device. We both could access and modify, and I don’t trust anyone else’s code/website to up and vanish without warning. Thus we landed on Google sheets. It took forever to type up, but we got there. Meanwhile over my own nerd kingdom, I was having a similar problem with my video game collection. Google Sheets worked fine with the manga, but I very quickly found that it wasn’t working so great with my video games. With manga, it was a very simple question; “Do we own “Volume # of Title X?” if no, then buy, if yes then do not.

However with my video games; I needed to know the title, the platform, was it a disc, a digital copy, was it something I got via subscription from Games With Gold or PlayStation Plus, or was it some type of limited edition or remaster or an edition with DLC or otherwise. This was obviously quite a bit of information, and while I have nothing against GSheets, I needed something bit more powerful. Or at least something that I could run locally and mess around with. So I jumped over to excel so I could have local copies while I test out various methods and ideas. Once I had a rough idea of what I needed to know and how I wanted the information stored, turning it into a website was the next task. I wanted function over form. I’m sure if I took the time, I could make it do all types of fancy things; but I needed text and I needed it to load quickly even if I was out in the middle of nowhere with 2G signal. Ergo, I went with KISS.


Once I had my proof on concept (I’ll admit, calling something I’d spent hundreds of hours into a “proof concept” is a questionable use of the term.) I knew that I wanted to keep track of more stuff. Books, movies, my various webcomic collections, and other various stuff.

As of writing that’s where we’re at. Still working on that. There’s just a lot of media to go through, and despite the fact it really is a major inconvenience to productivity I always eventually need to sleep at some point.


Current Of Project Version Here