Photos of NP Sage / Kyle

NP Sage as a very suspicious baby.

NP Sage as a very suspicious high schooler.

About NP Sage / Kyle

As previously established I was born in 1992. I do not exactly recall my much younger years, but I do distinctly remember playing an NES and let me tell you playing those games while lacking the ability to read made them quite the challenge. My family got our first computer in the late 90s and we even had the internet, as my father’s plan was that he was going to make it big as a coin seller on eBay. My parents got divorced in 2001. (Interpret that as thy will.)

Due to this, as well as school redistricting, I managed to bounce around to 4 different schools in 4 years. Fun times were not exactly being had. By this time, I had pretty much taken to video games as a source of survival; none more so than “Pokémon Silver” on my Game Boy Color. I had also by this time acquired an Xbox and even though it was rated M, while I was still very much not M myself “Halo: Combat Evolved”.

I went from “liking” games to being obsessed. How did they work, how did you make them, level design, gameplay choices, what made some games better than others and why? Every genre, any platform, I was researching. Given that we only had a “family computer” I also had to spend a lot of time making it work after it stopped working for reason that I am certain my younger sibling had nothing what-so-ever to do with.

Enough time passed and as I got worse and worse at sports and social interaction in general, I went from “Gamer Nerd” to just regular nerd. “Adopted” old computers, learned to build them, fix them, upgrade them and decided that I could put the minimum effort needed to pass my classes and focus most of my time just getting better at IT. At one point when I was in 7th Grade I had a science teacher ask why I was reading IT books instead of my textbook in class. Said teacher did not like my answer that I was studying for a career, he was teaching about volcanos and that with what I wanted to do in life; all I needed to know about volcanoes was when to run away from them, to which the answer “when stuff is spewing out of them”.

the time I was in high school, I was on more than one occasion pulled out of class to fix a random IT thing in a classroom, and asked by a few different teachers to fix their computers. I was making a decent side gig. This is also when Halo 3 came out. That game was my WoW. I sunk thousands of hours into it, and I regret NOTHING. Eventually I graduated in 2011; went to college graduated with honors with a degree in IT (and spent almost 0 hours studying cause by that point I could do hat I needed to do in my sleep) and now I do work in IT full time at a hospital.

I now live in Bowling Green, KY with my Significant Other.

*Yes, details have been made vague to ensure that the answer to every security question ever is not on this page*